Is this you? Need more business but no marketing budget?

You want (or maybe need?) new business in a BIG way but, you don’t have a marketing budget. Is there anything you can do with virtually zero dollars?

Yes there is. We recommend our “shoestring” clients follow this 4-point plan.

  1. Be willing to spend more time than money on your business development plan.
  2. Leverage your business knowledge to identify “low hanging fruit” – selling more to current customers for example.
  3. Develop a compelling offer that delivers significant value and benefit.
  4. Extend that offer to your selected audience every way you can think of, as often as you can. (Email, mail, one-to-one, posted on LinkedIn …)

Useful Tip

Just spending a little time and money every week can net positive results. You don’t have to wait until you haveĀ  buckets of cash on-hand to fund a full marketing campaign – why not start working on ideas today to grow your business?